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The Top Four Challenges and Solutions to Serving Business Customers

The number of small businesses is exploding — and it’s creating a massive opportunity for smaller banks and credit unions to serve them. But many financial institutions are struggling to serve small businesses profitably. This white paper explains how financial institutions can overcome the four main challenges and benefit from the boom. Read it to learn how to transform the way you serve business customers — and keep growing as small businesses keep multiplying. Read the entire white paper.

Innovation Mindset for Banks and Credit Unions: Stay Ahead of the Curve as Technology Changes the Game

Digital innovations have been changing the way Americans interact, consume and connect. More and more business transactions now happen over mobile devices, with fewer happening on laptops, and even fewer taking place in brick-and-mortar stores and branches. Read the entire white paper.

Open and Extensible Online Banking

Extending SaaS to Meet the Omni-Channel Needs of Financial Institutions Large and Small

The broad adoption of computer and telecommunications technology made it possible for financial institutions to extend core banking systems to their branches. Though originally designed to be extended by physical channel technologies like management systems, teller systems and ATMs, the 90s brought about the advent of online banking which made it feasible to extend the core to the homes, businesses and eventually mobile devices. Today, the notion of extensibility goes way beyond the core as financial institutions look to... Read the entire white paper.

Awareness, Risk Management and Response to Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has released new cybersecurity guidance to address specific types of cyberattacks and threats. Future IT examinations of financial institutions will include a review of specific cybersecurity initiatives to ensure they are adequately addressing risks and investing in risk-mitigation technologies to safeguard and protect sensitive customer information. Read the entire white paper.

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