Add External Accounts
Trial Deposit Instructions for DEF Credit Union xxxx1908
To enable this account for transfers, read the directions below and click "Submit". If you click "Cancel" this account will appear on the "Overview" page under the "Accounts Requiring Verification" section. From there you can either verify the account or delete it.
  • One or two small deposits will be transferred into your account when you submit your request below.

  • Within the next 2 business days after submitting your request, check your account statement online or inquire directly with your account provider, to identify the deposit(s).

  • Deposit(s) should appear as ACCOUNT VERIFY.

  • You will receive an email notification asking you to return to the service to confirm the deposit

  • If the amount(s) entered by you match the amount(s) of deposits, then the account will be enabled.
Choose "Submit" to initiate the Trial Deposits.
  If you prefer, you can verify this account via fax.