Add External Accounts
Fax Instructions for DEF Credit Union xxxx1908
To finish setting up this account, please follow the instructions below. Your account should be set up within two businesss days after we receive your fax.
Step 1. Print this page to use as a cover sheet.
If you are unable to print this page out, write this information on your cover sheet.
Your Full Name John Doe
123 Main Street
Any Town
CA 94086
Account DEF Credit Union xxxx1908
Step 2. Photocopy a voided check from your account
Your name, address and account number should be clearly visible on your check.
Step 3. Fax the cover sheet and the voided check to <<(877)-234-6793>>.
Please allow two business days from the receipt of your fax for completion of your request.
You will be receiving the status of your account by email.
  If you prefer, you can verify this account through a deposit verification .